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Monday, January 12, 2009

More than 900 earthquakes at Yellowstone in two weeks?

Ok...if Yellowstone averages 2ooo-3000 quakes each year, then I see why geologists are paying attention to 900 in about two weeks. I find it interesting to watch the quakes at Yellowstone in connection to ones in Califorina. They do seem to be relatives, of sort. People are claiming to have seen harmonic tremors on the seismothingamajigs (I do know the real word and the spelling but I liked this one better).....but from what I can read....harmonic tremors are the FINAL warning and the eruption is immediate. Not days, weeks or months...but almost immediate. Now maybe I need to keep studying on this, but that is what I have seen in all my searches. Gosh, how I wish I had listened to my Mother all those years back telling me to go to college before I got married and had babies. Geology...specifically earthquakes and volcanoes so intrigue me. You could study on them all your lives....and never master it. They are mysteries of the earth. Is it possible that all quakes....all over the world are interconnected? I get an email with all the earthquakes all over the world. I have noticed a trend....they run in cycles. There will be hundreds...or thousands in a short time world wide...then quiet for a while. What about volcanoes? Is there one big pot in the middle of the earth with magma that branches out to volcanoes? Are the branches like drains that get clogged...then BLOW? The SUPER VOLCANOES are of the greatest interest to me. How they lay hidden to human knowledge....and now geologists say Yellowstone had a massive eruption 640k years ago. Now don't get me wrong....but just HOW do they KNOW it was 640k years ago? I would like a time and date too....lol. OH but wait...there was a smaller eruption 70k years ago. Now I am fairly sure they can predict the size of those eruptions...but the years? I just dunno. I really do have a deep interest in the Yellowstone Caldera. It is a very restless, very large entity that can get the attention of geologists and internet bloggers alike. The thing is, geologists know so little about it......while most internet bloggers are experts. We could never be prepared for the devastation it could unleash. Still, we strive to learn about it. Predict it. While no matter what we learn, it will not likely be passed on to many future generations once she blows.....and blow she will. Eventually. What I have discovered is that they have been quite concerned about this restless giant for some time now. Of course, everything is downplayed with current events....but I found an article that talks about the bulge...and what it could mean. Seems to be from a very reputable magazine....GeoTimes. Actually, I found a few articles and will share them with you......BUT.....when you read the May 2006 edition, keep this thought in your head: If they have only known it was a volcanoe or caldera....since the early 60's....then they have only been monitoring it for eruption purposes for some 40 odd years. How much did it change before that?Geotimes - August 2004 - Pressure shifts in Yellowstone, Geotimes - May 2006 - Yellowstone's moving magma, and the last link I am wanting to share with seems to only want to link right in the middle of everything I have typed so far. Can't figure out volcanoes...and cannot always figure out computers either. Enjoy the articles. I found them very interesting....especially the May 2006. Oh...and if you want one website that has just a plethora of information....some fact..some opinion....be sure to visit: The Yellowstone Newspaper. Now that linked perfectly...go figure. Until next time, keep your eyes toward Yellowstone! She IS gonna blow. Geotimes - November 2007 - Yellowstone and Heise: Supervolcanoes That Lighten


  1. very interesting, Tammy! Thanks for posting the Yellowstone info.

    I loved Dead Heat too!!! I haven't read Epicenter yet.

    I've loved Georgia since the moment I moved here.

  2. Hi again, Tammy-

    DO you know about antipodes? When there is an earth quake on one part of the world, seismic waves travel to its exact oppositse spot? The wave don't always manifest as an earthquake, but scientists have increasingly noticed that antipodal earthquakes do happen.

    Here is a technical article about antipodes:

    and here is an antipode map. Drag the marker pin to find the mirror spot on the other side of the world!


  3. I will check that out. Earthquakes and volcanoes really interest me.

    I do believe we are in end times. One only has to look at the world and it is almost impossible to deny. Epicenter is a VERY good book...and he just came out with an updated version of it.

    I have a ton of great end times links. If you would like some, let me know. Have you read about the Russian professor who predicts the USA will fall apart in 2010. He has predicted it for many years now. I would have laughed a few years back...but now....I am not laughing one bit because the thought of that does not seem so impossible. It makes me worry about my children.....and their future.

    Still....better things are to come in this world....this we are promised.

    Keep in touch....we seem to think a lot like!