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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The future of America....Think about it!

I lost my Mom just about one year ago. Life without her has been just miserable, but I know I will see her again. As hard as it is to live without her, I am finding some comfort in knowing that she will not have to face the uncertain future we all face. I say uncertain, when really it appears quite certain. A change in our country that most people do not even realize is coming. They asked for change.....and I believe they will get change. Remember the old saying, "Be careful what you ask for"? Think about it.

We are living in very turbulent times and I just do not see an end to it. Just when I think it is calming down, I realize quickly it is not. I see Bible prophecy coming to fruition right before my very eyes. We are seeing so many things that indicate that we are, indeed, the final generation. Am I afraid? Yes and no. I am afraid of seeing my children suffer. I believe, however, that better things are to come and it is hard to fear that. Believe it.

When I was born, it was a time when one could say that the world was mine...to create a wonderful career, and life for myself. It was a time when people could choose their own path in life. For the children of today, I am not sure that is the case. Keep reading.

Quietly, bills are being written to limit our freedom, privacy, and our right to choose what we do in life. Our children face being forced to volunteer 50 hours in middle school and high school each year, and 100 hours per year in college. Then..at some point between ages 18-25 they will have to do three months of "training". Mandatory. Training? Just what kind of training? Civil Defense training? Training to become the Big Brother agent? The point is...when things like this become mandatory, you have lost your freedom. If you are forced to volunteer, then you are no longer volunteering. Think about it.

Obama also proposes to make the draft mandatory for females and for front line fighting. Well, lets just send our whole damn country to war, and not worry about how few people are left behind to keep the country running at home. Let's force women with babies to fight wars. Give me a break. I believe the draft should be mandatory for males...and only for fighting to defend our freedom on our soil. You know..for when the enemy attacks us at home. Think about it.

Obama also plans to close Gitmo and move their legal affairs to American courts. He wants to give them the same rights we have. Rights they would not have in their own countries. These are the very people that were caught in acts of terrorism against Americans. Most of the countries these people are from do not want them back. If our American courts find that they should be freed, what does he do with them if other countries will not take them? Is he going to set them free among us? Give them bail? Oh don't worry, if they get bail they must be nice. Think about it.

Our country rapidly faces losing their 2nd ammendment right. There is a bill (H R 45)currently under way to track all firearms of Americans. This bill would require all licensed owners of firearms to submit their thumbprint, photo and mental health records to the FEDERAL government. In addition, there seems to be rumor of a constitutional convention in the near future. If that happens, the above is moot....because it is almost a given that the 2nd ammendment will be dismissed, taking away the rights of Americans to own firearms period. It is my understanding that if a constitutional convention is called, it leaves the current constitution null and void and the constitution is then rewritten. There goes our freedom. Think about it.

Add to all of the above the socialist ties of our new President. Is this where we are heading? Obama has selected two confirmed socialsts to his office. Am I the only one in America concerned by this? Are we headed to socialism? Will it happen by consent or conquer? Think about it.

Will blogs become illegal unless they speak in support of the government? Will we need a license to blog? Think about it.

Our privacy, which was long held as one of the greatest freedoms, is gone. We now have the Black Widow spying on our every internet move and telephone call. No consent, no warrant....privacy GONE. It is said it is for national security. But with no warrant needed we can be monitored for anything. Not just ties to terrorism. Bloggers can be tracked for not agreeing with the government. We really should have thought about that.

The dollar is sinking, our country is in a major crisis and the fall of America does not seem unlikely. What happens IF America really does fall? What does that really mean? What are the implications? Massive unrest? Food shortages? Rations? Will our very own military turn on us?

You really need to think about it, before it is too late.








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